My Most Recent Addiction #2 - House of Cards

There are certain TV series out there that are severely addictive. You get to watch one episode, get caught up with a story or really intrigued on a character and then you end up watching the whole thing in a weekend. The last couple of years Netflix has been responsible for those addictions, with House of Cards being one of the most famous ones - if not THE most famous. 

If you don't know of Frank and Claire Underwood yet, played respectively by Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, then I am sure you're not of this world. Not just because their acting has reached a new level of perfection but also because the interwebs has been flooded with memes about them. #VoteforUnderwood is a very popular hashtag these days. 

I've always admired Kevin Spacey as an actor, from the minute I saw him playing the deranged serial killer in Se7en to the brilliant math MIT teacher and gambler in 21 (at some point I'm expecting him to star in a movie titled number 3 or 14, if you catch my drift here). As for Robin Wright, I thought she would never be anything else in my eyes than Jenny, the young woman screaming "Run Forrest, run!" to Tom Hanks in my most beloved movie of all times, yet I was wrong. 

Once you get to watch House of Cards and know the Underwoods you will side with them, no matter your instincts telling you you shouldn't. They're evil and you know that, yet you want them to prevail. Why? Because Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright brought those two characters to life in a mesmerizing way, almost breath taking (yes, there are more than a couple of scenes for you).

I can't say it enough, if you haven't watched House of Cards then it's time you do. Even if political drama is not your thing. Even if you don't want to succumb to what you may see as a TV show trend. Even if you're indeed an alien who was sent to study us before our impending destruction (if that's the case then Frank will teach you a thing or two about how to turn people against each other in the most sly ways possible). Just watch it. 

"That's right, we don't submit to terror, we make the terror."
- Frank Underwood -

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