Christmas and the Geeks - Part Two

Yes, I know I promised I will write the second installment on gifts and presents you can buy to your geek friends and family members a bit sooner, as it is now only 12 days until Christmas, but I'm only one person and life is hectic around these parts because of this time of the year. No matter, I gave my word and I intend to keep it. 

Let's start with a very important question. Who of you out there have no idea that yesterday "The Battle of the Five Armies"the last of the Hobbit movies premiered in the UK? Well OK, I won't be mad at you but most, if not all of your friends that are into fantasy, will make sure to visit their local cinema and attend a screening. Most of them will be giddy with excitement after it, the hardcore Tolkien fans will possibly be annoyed a bit, but everyone will be sad because for all we know this is officially the last of the movies about Middle Earth and its inhabitants. So in order to keep them happy, I have a suggestion. 

Why not visit the official J.R.R. Tolkien book shop and get them something from there? Some of my personal favourites are the slipcase collection of "The Lord of the Rings" books and the illustrated "Hobbit" book. Plus you get 25% off if you order before Christmas. How great is that? 

There is also a Christmas book for younger audiences, "Letters from Father Christmas", if you want to get them into the holiday spirit and introduce them to Tolkien too.

On the same note, there are two novelty gifts I personally find brilliant but believe are only for the hardcore geeks. A collection of Hobbit PEZ dispensers and a pair of hobbit slippers? Don't mind if I do!

Moving away from the realm of Middle Earth and into the vast Star Wars universe now. A teaser trailer was released not so long ago, giving chills and tears to all geeks around the globe. The new Star Wars movie will be released December 2015, but the fever has already started spreading. And once again, there are soooooo many gifts out there for your Rebel or Imperial geeks!

If you don't mind spending something extra, then there is a series of books that every hardcore Star Wars fan must have. They combine novelty and awesomeness, plus it's an evolving series of books, so more will be coming out. So far there are four, "The Jedi Path", "The Book of the Sith", "The Bounty Hunter Code" and the "Imperial Handbook", all of them unique and amazing.

The price varies from £55 to £90, depending the retailer, but if you're lucky you may bump upon a sale somewhere (Amazon had one at some point, lowering the price to £20). They are I believe the perfect gift to any Star Wars fan. Still not convinced they're more than mere books? I urge you to go watch a couple of videos on Youtube about them. Please do.

Of course there are many things people geek out over, books, movies, TV series, games and the list goes on and on. Even if I wanted to I can't suggest you everything, for the obvious reason of personal taste and of course ignorance (I am proud to be a geek, but I'm also still in the process of finding out new stuff or discovering oldies but goldies), so I went for the two ones that are currently trending in this post. Please don't be mad at me! 
What I can do though is give you links for the sites I use when in need of a geeky present. First one you need to check out is Think Geek, closely followed by Firebox and I Want One of Those. All of them are brilliant!

I hope you all find, buy and wrap the presents you want for your loved ones in time. I also hope you bring massive smiles on their faces, while managing to keep your bank account intact (I know the hole I opened in mine will heal in time). Happy Holidays every one!

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Two other sites I would say have a look at are and but as always find what you like then look around for the best deals.