An Autumnal Feast - Barry M Gelly Nail Paints AW14

There is no dispute over this, autumn is well and truly here. The trees outside my house are slowly turning from green to red and the ground underneath is covered with leaves. I started wearing my boots (I'm sad because they'll need replacing, I love this pair, they're so comfy), outfits are gaining more layers and colours are gradually becoming warmer, not just on my clothes but on my nails as well. And which better polishes to use than Barry M's Gelly Nail Paints for Autumn/Winter 2014?

The full collection consists of six colours but I'll only be showing you four in this post (I'm currently having trouble finding the other two). The colours I'm missing are Cocoa (a wonderful deep brown) and Chai (a cool toned true grey), which I'll make sure to add to my stash as soon as possible.

Now for the colours I do have. 
Barry M Paprika AW14
I may not be a fan of Paprika in general, but this one I absolutely adore! A deep ginger orange brown that was really hard to photograph, it applied smoothly and warmed up my heart instantly. It looks more red in the photo but is more brown in real life. One coat, no topcoat (yeah, it's this shiny on its own!)

Barry M Mustard AW14

Definitely one of my favourites from this collection, Mustard is exactly what the name says, a mellow mustard yellow. This was the only polish of the collection that I had to apply two coats. No top coat here either.

Barry M Cardamom AW14

Seriously one of the very best greens I have in my current polish stash (actually it may be the best I have). Its name is Cardamom but personally reminds me more of pistachios. Again an one-coater, no top coat.

From left to right: Mustard, Chili, Cardamom and Paprika
I should have swatched Chili as well for you to see, but for some weird reason I decided against it when I was doing my manicure (decisions taken after 1 a.m. are bad decisions most of the time). Here it is along with the other three polishes, as you can see its colour is quite similar to that of Paprika, only deeper and redder (in this photo you can see the brown orange hue of Paprika better too). 

I have to say, I was trying to pick one colour from the whole collection as a favourite, but it's almost impossible! I love them all, each for a different reason, but if I was put at gunpoint (who would ever do that over polishes?) I think I would go for Cardamom. Such a special green it is, it has stolen my heart.

So, what are your thoughts on this collection? Is it something you would buy, or have bought already? As for my readers abroad that have no access to Barry M polishes, what do you think of the colours and do you own/have bought/planning to buy a polish similar to these ones? Would love to hear your opinions!

Until next time, 



kay leigh said...

I love the Barry M range and am really liking the Gelly ones. I have the green one so far (and what a wonderful shade of green it is) and only today picked up and debated buying the mustard and grey one in my local Superdrug. I may go back and buy them!...

evi sachinidou said...

my very first choise would be cardamom and the second one paprika for sure!!..i would love to see cocoa as well..i'm not sure if we have this brand in Greece..i'm gonna find it out as soon as go to the shops..

Laura-Faerie said...

I think it's Chili that I have. I love the range, so amazingly autumnal :)

Everything Dora said...

Kayleigh, I've been trying to find Chai (the grey one) for some time now but it was sold out. I'll be hitting the stores again tomorrow, I'm hopeful.

Evi, the brand is not available in stores in Greece but you can purchase them through their website (, they do ship everywhere in Europe besides Russia.

Laura-Faerie, I definitely agree, it is the most autumnal collection out there and personally it's my favourite one. I love all the colours and it's the very first time I felt the need of buying the entirety of a collection, when usually I nitpick.